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New Featured Manuscript: Sinai Syriac 30

Sinai Syriac ms. 30 is certainly the most famous of Syriac manuscripts belonging to the Monastery of St Catherine, often being referred to simply as the ‘Codex Sinaiticus Syriacus’ (thus accompanying the even more famous Greek ‘Codex Sinaiticus’). The reason for its fame lies in the fact that it is one of only two surviving manuscripts which preserve the very early Syriac translation of the Gospels, known as the ‘Old Syriac’ version to distinguish it from what became the standard Syriac translation of the New Testament (the Peshitta). The translation of the Old Syriac Gospels may go back as early as the early third century AD (whereas the Peshitta is a revision of c.AD 400), and the copy of