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Covering the cost of preserving these historic manuscripts and printed books at the Monastery, some of which are over 1600 years old, is not something we can do on our own. 

We are dependent on donations to access the right skills and knowledge to protect and preserve this irreplaceable collection. There are many ways you can support us and help preserve these awe-inspiring fragments of our past and open up the opportunity for scholars and historians from all of the world to learn from these artefacts without risk or unrealistic expense.

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Whether you feel passionate about safeguarding the Monastery and those who live within its walls from the threat of fire, or you wish to contribute to the ongoing preservation of the second most significant collection of Christian manuscripts in the world, you can ensure that 100% of your donation goes to the cause you most believe in.

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Support us by becoming a member. Become a Friend, a Donor, or even a Benefactor and make a difference to the Saint Catherine Foundation projects that will continue to deliver benefits far into the future and well beyond this generation. In return, you’ll be one of the first to know about the dynamic and exciting projects taking place at the Monastery.

Support our current project

Stainless Steel Boxing Project

The dry desert conditions can exacerbate pigment loss in Byzantine manuscripts, and with frequent earthquakes, there is a constant risk of damage and destruction. The lined boxes will protect the manuscripts from these hostile conditions for future generations. 

How you can help

We are currently raising funds to buy stainless steel boxes to protect 2,187 ancient manuscripts from arid conditions, earthquakes and potential water damage.

Each box costs £850 (€1,000), so every donation, however big or small, will help us protect these unique artefacts, enhancing the insights and information we can derive from them.

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You’ll find Christmas cards, fascinating books on the Monastery and its artefacts,tote bags and more in our online shop. 

All of the profits go directly to one of the many projects that we are raising funds for at any one time. By buying something from our shop, you make an essential contribution to the preservation, protection and dissemination of knowledge about St Catherine’s Monastery and the irreplaceable artefacts that belong there.

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