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Visiting Sinai

The monastery is open to visitors from 9.00 to 11.45 am, except on Fridays, Sundays and a few holy days.

There is no charge to enter the monastery.

Visitors can view the sixth-century basilica, important icons located in the narthex and throughout the basilica, and the sixth-century apse mosaic of the Transfiguration. Outside the basilica are the Well of Moses and the Burning Bush.


The Treasury (Skevophylakion) is open to visitors. The entrance fee is 20 Egyptian pounds ($3.50). The most important icons, manuscripts, vestments and works in silver and silver gilt are on display here.



Moussa Boulos, General Manager
Telephone +2069 347 0353
Fax +2069 347 0543

The Monastery Guest House accommodates 120 people. Rates include breakfast and dinner. Arrangements can be made for lunch.


Single, double and triple rooms, as well as dormitory accommodtion, are available for a very reasonable rate. 


Trips to Sinai can be arranged through Wind Sand & Stars, a UK-based company set up to provide the local Bedouin with direct trade. Wind Sand & Stars organise guided tours, camel treks, retreats and pilgrimages, including trips for the vision- and hearing-impaired.

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