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Manuscript storerooms made ready

In October of 2010, work was completed on the two storerooms that will hold the Sinai manuscripts and early printed books during the renovation of the library building. Under the direction of Gregorios Saatsoglou, all windows were bricked in and plastered over...

...and each room was lined with moisture barrier sheetrock.

High security doors were brought from Cairo and installed in each storeroom.

The following month, the Stodec shelving that had been purchased by the Saint Catherine Foundation was installed in the room where the manuscripts will be stored. The boxes of manuscripts were then moved from the library, and placed in numerical sequence.

For the boxes of early printed books, we were able to use shelving from the old library.

The system of barcodes for each volume and each box has allowed us to retrieve manuscripts for scholars, who continue to come to the monastery to carry out their research. The library room has now been cleared, ready for the renovation.

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