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This photograph was taken in what will be the main library hall for the manuscripts and early printed books.

This was taken on the roof, and shows work on the central dome.


Pointing of the outside wall is almost complete.

Granite panels cap the wall around the library roof.

Scaffolding is in place to allow work on the outside of the central dome.


The metal girders were bolted and welded into place.

Scaffolding was installed around the outside of the dome.

A doorway was created that will connect the central stairwell with the balcony level of the manuscripts storeroom.


Steel girders that will support the shelves and roof beams were welded together.

An exterior room behind the dome will house the units for the building's climate control.


Separate storerooms were created to house the monastery archives.

Doors and windows at the lower level were bricked up.


Work was begun on the floors below the library where connecting stairs will be installed.

The mortar on the exterior wall was repointed.

Petros Koufopoulos came to inspect the progress.

Egyptian officials approved the work that had been done, and made decisions about the...


Workers poured the foundation that will support the manuscript storage shelves. 

It was sometimes necessary for the metal straps to extend beneath the outside wall of the library.

Blocks were installed to support metal girders that will extend to the concrete beams in th...


The concrete balconies around the room were removed. 

The removal of the plaster facing inside the library allowed the mortar to be repointed.

The brickwork for the wall on the side of the new reading room was completed.


Petros Koufopoulos worked on the spouts for the drains from the roof.

Metal strips were added to reinforce the concrete slab on the floor of the library.

An opening was cut to accommodate a new internal stairway.

The connection between the floor slab and the sixth century...


The plaster facing was removed from the library wall, and work continued to modify arches and other doorways. Metal beams and flooring will create a storage room next to the reading room. Again, Egyptian officials reviewed what had been done, and gave their approval fo...

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